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Rania Youssef: 2 Ramadan series, 2 films but no TV show Exclusive

Exclusively toelcinema.com, actress Rania Youssef denied all rumours spread on socialnetworks lately that she is prepping to host a TV show which will air nextRamadan.Rania confirmed thatshe is very busy shooting in two Ramadan series at the same time. The first “NeeranSadeeka” (Friendly Fires) at Sherif Arafa studios and then she’ll pause for twoweeks to shoot in the second series with director Mohamed Yassin entitled “MogaHarra” (Heat Wave) with actor Eyad Nassar.
  • | 3 years ago

Nicole Saba guest in “Hatooly Ragel” Exclusive

Following the footsteps of Ezzat Abu Ouf and Samir Ghanem, Lebanese actress Nicole Saba shot her role as a guest in the upcoming comedy “Hatooly Ragel” which is directed by Mohamed Shaker.   “Hatooly Ragel” (Get Me A Man) is written by Karim Fahmy is a romantic comedy about the relationship between men and women from childhood all the way to elderly. The name of film was changed from “Sitta Le Wahe” (6 to 1) and is prod
  • | 3 years ago

Hatem Ali believes that Songul Oden is one of a kind actress

After following all her shot scenes in his upcoming series “Taht Al Ard” (Under Ground, Syrian director Hatem Ali revealed his initial impressions about Turkish actress Songul Oden that she finished shooting two weeks ago. Ali said :”Oden is an extraordinary actress with a high sense of dialogue and scenic status which makes her distinctive among other Turkish actresses with her special methodology in portraying any character”.  
  • | 3 years ago

Video: Mohamed Saad duet with Bousy for “Tattah”

It seems that comedian Mohamed Saad wanted to take advantage of Bousy’s current fame when he made a duet with her in his upcoming film “Tattah” even though it stars two singers, Marwa and Dolly Chahin. The song entitled “El Silk Lamas” is written by Islam Khalil, composed by Hani Farouk and was released by Al Sobki producers of the film. “Tattah” should hit theaters in Egypt on 5 May and is directed by Sameh Abdel Aziz and written by Mohamed Nabawi and Sameh Sir El Khetm.
  • | 3 years ago

Photos: Amr Diab and wow concert in Hockey Stadium

Diab sang many of his famous and old songs, and as he promised, the winner in Diab Academy for Talents Mohannad Al Negm sang one song with him on stage.
  • | 3 years ago

Video: "The Preacher" takes Basma back to romance

After a one minute and 19 seconds promo, the upcoming Ramadan series "Al Daeya" disappoints all expectations that it will be about religious preachers as it showed it is about a love story between an Islamic preacher and a violinist.   "Al Daeya" (The Preacher) which is written by Medhat Al Adl and directed by Mohamed Gamal El Adl star
  • | 3 years ago

A light slap on Iron Man's face by Gwyneth Paltrow

It seems that Robert Downey Jr. can't get enough of teasing his "Iron Man 3" co-star Gwyneth Paltrow at press conferences concerning their latest action film.   London's press conference witnessed a fun scene between the two when Paltrow told the audience that she was really surpris
  • | 3 years ago