Nabila Karam نبيلة كرم

Nabila Karam is a Lebanese actress, who as born in 1954. She graduated with a degree in Fine Arts, and has acted on the faculty's stage, where she was discovered by theater director Maurice Maalouf. She started her professional career in 1974 with a television role, and she went...Read more on to gain popularity through her roles in Lebanese television dramas. She also worked in television shows in Syria and Egypt, and in several theatrical productions in Morocco. She was famous for her roles as a mistress and seductress, and was one of the Arab world's sex symbols of the 1980's. Her most notable films in Egypt were: “Harb El Farawla” (Strawberry War), “Siraa' Al Hasnawat” (War of the Beauties) and “Imra'a Mutamarrida” (A Rebel Woman).



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  • Nationality:
  • Lebanon

  • Birth Name:
  • نبيلة موريس كرم

  • Birth Country:
  • قضاء راس بيروت لبنان

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