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Al Nahar Drama +2 - TV Schedule

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  • Type: Series
  • Frequency: 11430 Horizontal
  • Description: An unencrypted channel. Affiliate of El Hayah Group. It airs Arabic drama series two hours after it's aired on Hayah Drama.
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  • Ibn Halal

  • Director:
  • Starring:
  • This series revolves around a young man (Mohammed Ramadan) who travels from Qena to Cairo for work, but the only job he can find is as a painter. He is constantly running into trouble, as he deals both with his extreme poverty and his desire to live a decent life for his mother (Hala Fakher). His world gets turned upside down when he finds himself way in over his head, and it becomes clear that he must find a way out before it is too late. This series also delves into some of the complex issues underlying Egyptian society.... More
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