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TV Schedule Al Nahar Drama +2

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    Rating: 7.8 / 10 from 5 users
Channel النهار دراما +2
  • Type: Series
  • Frequency: 11430 Horizontal
  • Description: An unencrypted channel. Affiliate of El Hayah Group. It airs Arabic drama series two hours after it's aired on Hayah Drama.
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  • No'tet Daa'f

  • Director:
  • Starring:
  • This romantic series revolves around a dentist who, despite his past romantic relationships with women, is searching for the one perfect woman he will fall in love with, who will take hold of his heart and his mind. While searching for his dream girl, he meets and develops feelings for Nada, who is different from any other woman he's ever met. At the same time, he also meets Sarah, who holds many secrets to the past. Things start to fall apart all around Amr, who has this weakness for the idea of finding his one true love.... More
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