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TV Schedule Al Nahar Drama +2

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    Rating: 7.8 / 10 from 5 users
Channel النهار دراما +2
  • Type: Series
  • Frequency: 11430 Horizontal
  • Description: An unencrypted channel. Affiliate of El Hayah Group. It airs Arabic drama series two hours after it's aired on Hayah Drama.
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  • Ana Asheqt

  • Director:
  • Starring:
  • Ward stood frozen on the platform as she watched her love Hassan disappearing from the train station. She felt as though she would not be able to go on, though her heart kept beating. A young doctor sympathizes with Ward’s situation and travels to Cairo to find out what happened to Hassan in hopes of helping her. But the trip reveals that there is a lot of mystery surrounding Hassan.... More
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