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TV Schedule Al Nahar Drama +2

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    Rating: 7.6 / 10 from 6 users
Channel النهار دراما +2
  • Type: Series
  • Frequency: 11430 Horizontal
  • Description: An unencrypted channel. Affiliate of El Hayah Group. It airs Arabic drama series two hours after it's aired on Hayah Drama.
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  • This title is an adaptation of Mohamed al-Mansy Qindeel's novel “Youm Ghaem fee al-Barr al-Gharby” (“A Cloudy Day on the Western Shores”). The screenplay for the work was prepared by Mohamed al-Hefnawy while the dialogue was written by the renowned poet A’bd Al Rahman al-Abanoudy. Summaya al -Khashab and Sabreen star in the production. Moreover, a third female actor will join the project to replace Sullafa Fawakhragy who recently left the work. ... More
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