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شارك Achraf Wassim بـ 193 سيرة ذاتية

سعيد حامد

Sudanese, born in February 5 1958 – Khartoum, studied cinematography editing at the Higher Institute of Cinema. Started his career as assistant director with many notable Egyptian directors like Saad Arafa, Muhammad Khaan, Sherif Arafa and Raafat al-Meehy in films “Waad Maktoub i.e. Destined”, “Al-mouled”, “Samaa Hoss i.e. Shhhht”, “Al-le’b maa al-kobaar i.e. Playing with the big guys” and “Ya mahalabeyya ya”. 1989 witnessed his first film as a director “Al-hobb fel-tallaaga i.e. Refrigerated love”. Nine years later, directed the box office record breaker “Saeedy fel-gamaa al-Amrikeyya i.e. Upper-Egyptian in the AUC” starring Muhammad Heneidy. Heneidy starred other films by Saeed Hamed like “Hammaam fee Amsterdam i.e. Hammaam in Amsterdam” and “Ga’ana al-bayaan al-taaly i.e. Breaking news”, other films “Short we fanella we cap i.e. Shorts, T-shirt and cap” and “Tabbaakh al-rayyes i.e. President’s cook”. He also directed two TV series Hanaan Turk’s “Haanem bent pasha i.e. Her highness” and Heshaam Seleem’s“Ekhtefaa Saeed Mahraan i.e. Disappearance of Saeed Mahraan”.... المزيد

ريهام عبدالغفور

Born in Al-Mahalla al-Kubra (Delta of Egypt) in September 6, she is the daughter of the Egyptian actor “Ashraf Abdul Ghafour”. Rihaam played the leading female role with Muhammad Heneidy and Ashraf Abdul Baky in the film “Saaheb Sahbo – Best friends”. She studied Commerce – English section. Delicate and distinctive, she became very popular for her roles in TV and cinema. Participated in many TV series like “Al-aaela wal-naas i.e. Family and people”, “Hadeeth al-sabaah wal-massaa i.e. Day and night talk” and “Zizinia i.e. Zizinia (neighborhood in Alexandria)”. In cinema, participated in “Mallaaky Eskendereyya i.e. Privé Alexandria”, Kaan yowm hobbak i.e. The day of your love”, “Gaay fel-sareea i.e. I’m coming!” and “Bel-Araby Cinderella i.e. Cinderella in Arabic”. Performed in the play “Hamlet” and co-worked with Yahia al-Fakharaany in “Al-malek Lear i.e. King Lear”.... المزيد

سلوى خطاب

Salwa Khatab (Salwa Mohamed Morsi Khatab) was born in Cairo in 1964. She graduated from the Higher Institute for Dramatic Arts in 1978. Her acting career began when director Henry Barakat cast her in the film “‘Ashaq Taht El Ashreen” (Love Under 20), but her big break came with the TV series “Hend We El Doctor Noman” (Hend And Doctor Noman). Since that time, Salwa Khatab has alternated between roles in television and cinema. Her cinematic performances include those in: “Shawader,” “Desouky Afendy Fil Mussayef” (Desouky Afendy At the Resort), “Afareet El Asfalt” (Road Demons), and “El Sahir” (The Magician). Some of her television performances include those in: “Raafit El Higan,” “El Dhou El Sharid” (Stray Light), “Hadeeth El Sabah We El Mesaa,” (Morning and Night Talk) and “Neran Sadika” (Friendly Fire). ... المزيد

عبدالمنعم إبراهيم

Abdul Moneim Ibraheem is one of Egypt’s most famous comedians. He was born in Cairo where he graduated from the Higher Institute of Theatrical Arts in 1949. Thanks to his professor Zaky Toulaymaat he joined the ”Modern Theatre”troupe. He participated in different plays; “Mossmaar Goha” by Ahmad Bakatheer ,”Sett el Bannnat” by Amin Youssof Ghorab. He resigned from his job to join the state theatre, yet he left it in 1955 to join Ismaeel Yasseen troupe. Of his famous plays are The “Battle of Portsaid”, “Gomhoureyet farahaat”, “Game’yyat katl al-zawgaat” and “Aly Ganaah al-Tabreezy”. Among his famous TV series are “Zainab wal-arsh”, “Al-shaware’ al-khakfeya, “Al-shahd wal-domou’” and “Awlaad Adam”. Among his very popular roles in cinema is Asfour in “Serr takeyyat al-ekhfaa”, Sokkar in “Sokkar Haanem” and Mahrous in “Eshaaet hobb”. One can never forget Yasseen in Naguib Mahfouz’s Triology. Abdul Moneim received a number of awards; the Order of Sciences and Arts 1983, The National Theatre shield 1986. ... المزيد

مدحت العدل

Medhat Tawfeek al-Adl was born Mansoura (Delta of Egypt) in 1951. He graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in 1981 and worked for two years as a doctor. He started his career in art in the mid 1980’s when he wrote the lyrics of a number of songs of Amr Diab’s film “Ice cream fi Gleem” for which he wrote the dialogue. He also wrote the dialogue of a big number of films; “Amrika shikabika”, “Harb al-farawla”, “Qeshr al-bondok”, “Saeedy fel-game’a al-Amrikeyya”, “Short we fanella we cap”, “Walad we bent” and “Al-dealer”. Medhat also prepared the script of a number of TV series; “Mahmoud al-Masry, “Al-andaleeb”, and “Kessat hobb”.... المزيد

يوسف وهبي

Youssef Wahby (1898-1982), Egyptian stage and film actor, director and writer. Renounced his family's wealth and traveled to Rome to study the theater in the 1920's under Italian Chiantoni. Played some stage roles in Hassan Faayek troupe before founding Ramses troupe and cooperated with Arab world’s legendary actors. He also founded “Ramses company for Cinema Production” which produced the silent film “Zeinab” then the first Egyptian talkie “Awlaad al-thawaat i.e. Sons of Aristocrats”. Wahby cofounded “Studio Nahhaas”, directed, wrote many plays and managed “Al-ferka al-Mesreyya lel tamtheel wal mousseeka i.e. Egyptian troupe for Acting and Music” like “Korsy al-e’teraaf i.e. The confessional” and “Awlaad al-fokaraa i.e. Sons of poor”. Being fluent in English, French & Italian, Wahby translated several plays. Titled “Ameed al-masrah al-Araby i.e. Dean of the Arabic stage”, was awarded several times from Egypt, Morocco and other countries.... المزيد

أحمد صفوت

Egyptian actor, graduated from the High Institute of Dramatic Arts. Nour al-Shereef chose him to play the role of “Khaaled al-Daaly” in the series “Al-Daaly”, for which he was awarded best young actor prize, after his success in “Sekkat al-Helaaly”with Yahia al-Fakharaany. Safwat also played the role of “Marshal Abdul Hakeem Aamer” in the series “Naasser”.


Born Yolanda Giglioti, Shoubra – Cairo 1933 of Italian origin. In 1954, she won the title at “Miss Ondine beauty pageant”. Niaazy Moustafa chose her to play some small roles and gave her the name of “Daleela”. Dalida traveled to France and Italy and became an international singer. “Salma ya Salaama” and “Helwa ya balady” are among her famous songs. Participated in Chahine’s “Al-yowm al-saades i.e. Sixth day”. Dalida committed suicide 1987.

عثمان أبو لبن

Lebanese director was born in Beirut 1973. Started his career directing video clips for stars like Moustafa Amar then directed a group of “action” films.

لاميتا فرنجية

Lamita is a Lebanese model, TV host and actor. In 2004, she participated in “Miss Lebanon beauty pageant”. She acted in LBC’s series “Asr al-Hareem i.e. Harem age”. Raamez Galaal chose her to play the female leading role in his film “Hadd saame’ haaga i.e. Anybody hears anything?” Thus giving her the chance to excel and draw the attention to her.