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كمال أبو العلا

Kamal Abul Ella was an Egyptian film editor and director who was born in Amrous, Monufeya governorate. Abul Ella received a diploma in commerce in 1939, then moved to the United States to pursue post-graduation degrees, studying cinema and television at the Boston University. He graduated in 1960. He was assigned as a film editing teacher in Cairo's High Institute of Cinema. Abul Ella took a key role in the establishment of the Kuwaiti television. His career in film editing includes films like Arwah Ha'ima” (Wandering Spirits), “Walady” (My Son), “Sharaf El Banat” (Girls' Pride),”Almara'a AlMaghoola” (Unknown Woman) and Shady Abdel Salam's masterpiece “Al Mumia” (The Mummy). Abul Ella died in Cairo on the 19th of January, 2008. ... المزيد

آنا مانياني

Anna Magnani was an Italian stage and film actress. Magnani's birth location and upbrining are uncertain. Though some sources suggest that she was born in Rome, director Franco Zeffirelli, who claims to have known Magnani well, has stated that she was born in Alexandria, Egypt, to an Italian Jewish mother and an Egyptian father, and that she hasn't lived in Rome until her grandmother brought her from Egypt to live with her in one of Rome's slums. At the age of 17, Magnani started studying at Eleonora Duse Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in Rome, for two years, while singing in nightclubs to support herself financially. She then went on to pursue an acting career on stage, gaining fame and critical acclaim for her roles in the plays Anna Christie and The Petrified Forest. 1933 saw Magnani's break into film, when she was discovered by Italian filmmaker Gofferdo Alessandrini while performing in experimental plays in Rome. She made her debut film appearance in Alessadnrini's The Blind Maid of Sorrento (1934). Her first acclaimed film role was in Friday Theresa in 1941. She rose to international fame with her role as a woman who dies fighting to protect her patriotic husband in Roberto Rosselini's masterpiece Roma, citta aperta (Roma, Open City) in 1945. Her death scene remains one of the landmarks of Italian post-world-war neorealism cinema. At the time, she was romantically involved with Roberto Rossellini, and acted in two more films directed by him: The Miracle (1948) and The Human Voice (1948). From then on, Anna Magnani went to star in internationally acclaimed productions that featured master directors, including Jean Renoir's The Golden Coach (1953), Daniel Mann's The Rose Tattoo (1955), and Sidney Lumet's The Fugitive Kind (1959) alongside Marlon Brando. Her last film appearance was in Federico Fellini's Roma in 1972, where she appeared as herself. Anna Magnani died on the 26th of September, 1973, at the age of 65, after suffering from pancreatic cancer. ... المزيد

نادية شمس الدين

Nadia Shams El Dine is an Egyptian Actress, born in 1942. She began her career on stage in 1976, and since then, has appeared in many secondary roles on film, theater and television. Among her most notable works are: “Al Ins wal Gin” (Man and Ghosts), “Fawzeya Al Boujwazeya” (The Bourgeoisie Fawzeya), and “Ghadan Tatafattah Al Zuhoor (Tomorrow Flowers will Bloom). Nadia went on an indefinite hiatus in 1998, which lasted until her death in 2012, at the age of 70.

نبيلة كرم

Nabila Karam is a Lebanese actress, who as born in 1954. She graduated with a degree in Fine Arts, and has acted on the faculty's stage, where she was discovered by theater director Maurice Maalouf. She started her professional career in 1974 with a television role, and she went on to gain popularity through her roles in Lebanese television dramas. She also worked in television shows in Syria and Egypt, and in several theatrical productions in Morocco. She was famous for her roles as a mistress and seductress, and was one of the Arab world's sex symbols of the 1980's. Her most notable films in Egypt were: “Harb El Farawla” (Strawberry War), “Siraa' Al Hasnawat” (War of the Beauties) and “Imra'a Mutamarrida” (A Rebel Woman).... المزيد

مي القاضي

Mai El-Kady is an Egyptian actress. She started her career in 2012 as a co-star in the film “Ghesh El Zawgeya” (The Marriage Cheat) after making an impressive audition. She then appeared in several television series like “Ser Alany” (Public Secret), “Khutoot Hamraa” (Red Lines) and “Adam we Gamila” (Adam and Gamila).

باسم يوسف

Bassem Youssef is an Egyptian comedian and cardiothoracic surgeon. He graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, where he also earned his PhD. In cardiothoracic surgery, and worked shortly as a professor. He traveled to the United States and Europe to work in the cardiac surgery and transplant technologies field, and earned his surgeon license in the United Stated in 2005. Bassem's breakthrough in comedy was through his satirical show “The B+ Show,” that was inspired by the Egyptian Revolution of 2011, which he launched on Youtube to earn five million views in less than three months. He went on to sign with the Egyptian satellite channel ONTV, where he started hosting “Al Bernameg” (The Program), with a budget of half a million dollars. The show was then renewwed for a second season on another channel, CBC, and the production studio was changed to Radio theater in Cairo. The second season consisted of 29 episodes and has recorded one of the highest viewership ratings on both TV and internet with 40 million viewers on TV and more than 120 million combined views for his show on YouTube alone. Due to legal conflicts with the channel, Bassem's contract with CBC was terminated after completing one season and three episodes. The third season of the show has aired on MBC MASR. In 2013, Bassem was named one of the "100 most influential people in the world" by TIME magazine and one of Foreign Policy magazine 100 Leading Global Thinkers. He was also awarded with the International Press Freedom Award of 2013 from the Committee to Protect Journalists and was announced the most searched figure in 2013 by Google. Al Bernameg was chosen by South by Southwest, one of the largest international interactive festivals, as the first and most successful internet to TV conversion story in the Middle East. Al Bernameg YouTube channel was the first channel in the MENA region to reach one million subscribers and was awarded the gold button trophy.... المزيد

رنا أبيض

Rana Abiad is a Syrian actress, born in Damascus in 1975. She rose to fame after playing roles in several Arab countries including the Emirates, Kuwait, Jordan, Bahrain and Iraq. She was honored and received a best actress award from the Cairo International Film Festival for her role in “Gharameyat Najlaa” (Najlaa's Affairs). Her most successful roles were in the series “Sabaya 2” and “Wallada min Alkhasira” (Birth from the Flank).

سمية الألفي

Somaya El Alfy is an Egyptian actress who was born in Cairo in 1953. She received a degree in Sociology, and started working as an actress in the seventies of last century, mainly in television productions, but she then started alternating between film and television, specially in the eighties and nineties. She is most known for her roles in films including “Azkiyaa Lakin Aghbiyaa” (Smart but Dumb), “Al Quradaty” and “Ali Beih Mazhar wel Arba'in Haramy” (Ali Beih Mazhar and the Forty Thieves), and television series including “Layaly Alhelmeya” (Helmeya Nights) and “Elraya Elbeida” (The White Flag).... المزيد


Riri is an Egyptian actress and belly dancer. She was born in Alexandria in 1938. Riri worked in films in the fifties and sixties of the twenty-th century alongside her main career as a dancer. Her films include “Ismail Yassin's Tarzan,” “Banat Bahary” (Bahary Girls) and “Al Ragol Althaalab” (The Fox Man).

وفيق الزعيم

Wafik Al Zaeem is a Syrian actor from the city of Hammah, born in 1960. Throughout his career, Al Zaeem has worked mainly in television and radio series, including “Hara Nasiha Elzaman” (An Alley that Time Forgot), “Haret Algury” (Algury's Alley). Wafik's breakthrough role was of Abu Hatim in the first five seasons of the famous Syrian television series “Bab El Hara” (The Alley Gate). Due to suffering from cancer, Wafik wasn't able to continue shooting his scenes in the rest of the series' seasons. Al Zaeem also wrote for television once in the series “Al Za'im” (The Leader)in 2011. He died of liver cancer on the 15th of March, 2014 at the age of 59.... المزيد