Biographies: Wedad Hamdy - Actor


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Born Wedaad Hamdy Zerrara in the governorate of Kafr al-Sheikh (Delta of Egypt), she is the actor with the most presence in Egyptian cinema. She acted in 600 films, in most of which she was the funny maid who conveys love notes and messages between the young lady and her lover. Wedaad studied for two years at the High Institute of Dramatic Arts. It was director Barakaat who gave Wedaad her first role in “Haatha ganahou aby i.e. It is my father’s mistake”. She joined the Egyptian National Troupe where she acted “Scheherazade” instead of actor ‘Akeela Raateb, then Wedad worked in other theatrical troupes where she participated in a number of plays among which is “Azeeza and Younis”. She was married several times to composer Muhammad al-Mougy and actors Muhammad al-Toukhy and Salaah Kabeel. She quit acting in the 1960s but Warda the famous singer convinced her to return in the musical “Tamr-Henna i.e. Tammarin”. Of her famous plays are: “Om-Rateeba i.e. Mother of Rateeba”, “20 farkha we deek i.e. 20 Hens and a rooster”, “10 ‘ala baab al-wazeer i.e. 10 at the minister’s door”, “L’eba esmaha al-hobb i.e. A game called love” and “Ennahom yaktoloun al-hameer i.e. They are killing the donkeys”. Among her TV series is “Ghawaayesh i.e. Bracelets”. Funny her roles were, yet her end was not, as she was stabbed to death by a casting supervisor.