U’mar Khairat Composes the Musical Score for “Zahaimar” (“Alzheimer”)

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  • 05:19 PM - 24 September 2010
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The score of A’del Imam’s recent picture “Zahaimar” has been credited to renowned musician U’mar Khairat.The picture was directed by A’mr A’rafah and features the talents of Ahmed Rezq, Fathy A’bd Al Wahab, Nelly Kareem, Rania Youssef and Nader Salah Al Deen. The production is a comedy with some elements of thrill and it depicts an affluent father named Mahmoud Shu’aib that suffers from Alzheimer’s. Mahmoud owns a great deal of assets and real estate – properties which his two sons are eager to acquire. In an attempt to do so, Mahmoud’s sons endeavor to acquire a court order transferring control of their father’s properties to them on the basis of his being afflicted with Alzheimer’s. However, several unexpected events come together to produce an surprising outcome.

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