Actress Shams al-Baroudy releases a statement concerning her husband actor Hassan Youssif

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  • 01:47 AM - 19 February 2011
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In the interest of free speech without harm or injury and to clarify a much debated issue which arose in the midst of the extraordinary circumstances experienced by our country. Moreover, because we are a traditional people whose patriotism and dedication to our country is mixed with humor that further emboldens our enthusiasm and resilience so that success is seen as inevitable with self sacrifice of that which is most precious, the person himself. Thus it was in that context that some have related the Kentucky story which was told to my husband, artist Hassan Youssif by some of his closest friends. Youssif later retold the story in the same context in which it was conveyed to him. Thereafter some have denied his account because Kentucky was closed on the 25th and created a sense of artificial enmity as if there were no families or individuals – whom we were among – offering food with love to the demonstrators. It should also be noted that Kentucky was open then and was not closed until the 28th as stated by the chain itself, so my dears let us stop the fighting.

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