Kareem Abdul Azeez’s “The so-and-so show”, coming soon

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  • 03:00 PM - 10 June 2011
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Actor Kareem Abdul Azeez is preparing to shoot his new film “Folaan al-Folaany show i.e. The so-and-so show”, written by ‘Amr Sameer ‘Aatef and directed by Ahmad Naader Galaal.The comedy tells the story of young man “Sa’d al-‘Atrees” who was chosen to participate on a reality show. He becomes famous and his life changed completely.Kareem was thinking to make a film about the January 25 Revolution, he already agreed with ‘Amr Sameer ‘Aatef towrite its script. Yet they changed their minds and preferred to make a comedy. Worth mention, Adul Azeez’s latest films was “Faassel wa na’oud i.e. Short break and we will be back”, while ‘Amr’s latest film was “Welaad al-‘amm i.e. The wall”, starring Kareem Abdul Azeez.

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