Author of “Al Rayan” : Ahmed Al Rayan in search of media propaganda and the series does not revolve around his biography

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  • 04:40 PM - 12 August 2011
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Actor and author Mahmoud El Bezawi who was amongst the script writers of “Al Rayan” series said that Ahmed AL Rayan is looking for media propaganda and fame through making a fuss about the series that does not relate or revolve around his personal life. Recently a problem erupted between Ahmed Al Rayan and the producers of the series . Ahmed Al Rayan said that the series is not related to him in any kind of way and is not a true reflection of his life, in fact It give him a bad public image. Mahmoud replied to those accusations by saying that the series does not confer his biography. Al Bezawi stated to “Rozal Youssef” newspaper that the series is not a biography about anyone, it is a factual series that relates the events and financial changes in this period, that affected the Egyptian economy. He also added that Ahmed Al Rayan should not object to the series because the opening titles included that the series is from the authors imagination, the series is also in the very beginning only a couple of episodes have been played. He also added that everyone should wait until all the episodes have been played then make their judgment.

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