Tarek El Shenawi :"Hanan Tork is not fit for comedy and Ahmed Mekky is winning the Ramadan race"

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  • 12:51 PM - 29 August 2011
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Critic Tarek El Shenawi commented on the fact that actress Hanan Tork is not fit for comedy. Her character and personality don't have what it takes to produce comedy. She over exaggerates in her performance which in turn results in fake or bad comedy.However, he does think that Hanan is a talented actress but not made for comedy and that is why her series "Nouna The Matrimonial Lady" did not make much success.As for other comedies presented this Ramadan, El Shenawi stated to "Al Masry Al Yom" newspaper that amongst all the comedy that played this Ramadan , the best was the comedy "Al Kebeer Awi" "The Big Guy" for actor Ahmed Mekki.In comparison to Hani Ramzy, Henaidy and Sameh Hussein.

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