4 days left to complete “Trees of Fire”

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  • 12:55 PM - 1 November 2011
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Director Essam Shabaan has 4 days left of filming his new series “Trees of Fire”, which he started filming 2 months ago. The reason It took very little time to film was because the series is made up of 15 episodes and all the filming was indoors not outdoors which usually requires a lot of time and preparation. The series is a romantic drama, portraying a triangle of love, where the gipsy Ghazaweya is in love with Ayoub who in turn is in love with Naasa. In an attempt that Ghazaweya makes to separate Ayoub and Naasa she buys all the houses in the village to control it, and events unfold in a tragic ending.Fathi Abdel Wahab and Abeer Sabry play the role of Ayoub and Ghazaweya. This is the second time for both actors to costar together after their first movie “Birds of the Nile” directed by Magdi Ahmed Ali in 2010. There has not been a set time yet for the series to play, although it will most likely play during the next couple of months as it was produced by the production sector for the national television. They will not want to wait till Ramadan or any particular season.

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