Egyptian TV replays "Dumu' Fi Oyoun Waqiha" following the death of its hero

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  • 06:51 AM - 4 November 2011
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In the coming few days, Egyptian TV will start showing the famous television series "Dumu' Fi Oyoun Waqiha", which starred the great actor Adel Imam in the early 80's, embodying the character of an Egyptian spy "Ahmed Alhawwan".This decision came after the death of the Egyptian hero, Ahmed Alhawwan, last week, at the age of seventy four after a long struggle with disease.In addition to replaying the television series, the Egyptian TV, according to a delegate of "Alwafd", will also be broadcasting some of the television interviews that have hosted Alhawwan during different times of his life.It is noted that this television series was written by the specialised special forces drama writer, Saleh Morsy. It is directed by Yehia Helmy and it starred Adel Imam, Salah Kabil, Mahmoud Elguindy and Ma'aly Zayid, and it is considered one of the Egyptian television drama classics.

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