Pensio Del Toro plays Star Trek's second part's villian

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  • 02:15 PM - 5 November 2011
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Director G. G. Abraham was able to get a preliminary approval from Oscar-winning actor Pensio Del Toro to play the villian's role in the second part of the movie Star Trek.Abraham supported the huge success which the first part has achieved when it was introduced in 2009, which many critics viewed as a serious jump in the history of the series which have been cinematically presented in the 80's and 90's but haven't gotten much attention.The film was scheduled for the summer of 2012, but Abraham's preoccupation with the science fiction movie "Super 8" which has been released this year, caused a delay where filming the new Star Trek won't start before next January. This would mean that the scheduled release date would be pushed to the summer of 2013.Del Toro won the best supporting actor Oscar award in 2000 for the film "Traffic", and got another nomination for the same award in 2003 for "21 Grams".

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