Alec Baldwin steps down from running for New York mayor

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  • 04:56 PM - 27 December 2011
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American actor Alec Baldwin decided to drop the idea of running for New York mayor, after the end of the current mayor mandate, Michael Bloomberg for his thinking.Los Angeles Times newspaper reported for Alec statement during an interview with filmmaker Stephen Daldry that he has “anorexia” to stand for elections and added: “I have a good job and I do not want to change it, I no longer want to run for New York mayor to succeed Bloomberg”.Last August, Alec expressed his desire to participate in New York mayor 2013 elections, noting that he is talking with two large universities for a master’s degree in politics and governance, to learn more about the state mayor functions exercises.Alec was expelled from a plane earlier this month because he did not comply with the airline host request to turn off all electronic devices before taking-off.

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