After 9 years of stroke, actor Sayed Zayan regains his ability to walk.

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  • 01:29 PM - 8 January 2012
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After 9 years of paralysis, actor Sayed Zayan was finally able to regain his ability to walk. However, Zayan will remain in the hospital for 6 more months after the doctors have advised him against hastily leaving the hospital before more session of physiotherapy.In a statement Eman (the actor’s daughter) made to Rozal Youssef newspaper, she said that her father’s health has improved drastically and that he gets encouraged even more when he meets people who wish him a speedy recovery. Sayed Zayan’s most recent work was the series “White x White” in 2003 where his health took a deep slope and deteriorated afterwards, and was not able to talk or walk for a long time.

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