Tamer Hosni sings a folk song

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  • 11:39 AM - 2 February 2012

Tamer Hosni releases his new song "3atsheef & fasheen" from the film "Omar & salma" On his official you tube page.This song is consideredto be his first folk song where he used some words from the famous movie "Al Kheif . Hosni presented the song in a hip hop way, he appeared wearing clothes and accessories like gangsters. Moreover the song took the comic nature where Hosni made some acrobatic movements.The song was written by Tamer Hosni and Amir Tameya ,composed by Tamer hosni ,distributed by Galal Fahmy and Khaled Raouf was the sound engineer.Omar & Salma 3 was released in cinemas January 11th and earned 6 million and 887 thousand pounds till now.The movie cast: Tamer Hosny, May Ezz El Din, Ezzat Abou Aoof, Lamita Ferginee, Ahmed Essam, Marwa Abd El Men3am; Story by Ahmed Abd El Fattah, and Tamer Hosny; Directed by Mohamed Sami.

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