"Aisha Abdel Rahman".....An Egyptian Legend

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  • 09:52 AM - 28 February 2012
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God has given women the beauty bless to complete men. Over ages woman used this beauty to seduce her man and to guide him. Philosophers say that every woman has a certain kind of beauty than only her lover man can discover. Whatever her job is, or her degree of education she likes to be flattered and described as pretty except for this woman who was deprived from this bless however funny. She is Aisha Abdel Rahman, this woman who got famous for her ugly funny woman role. She graduated from the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts Department in 1987 and started her career with" Atef E Tayeb's" film "Al Houb Fawk Hadabet Al Haram". Her comedy talent busted in "Sayedaty Anesaty" where she appeared as a very special sort of woman no one has discovered her beauty that appears in her funny talented features. She is the perfect example for the concept saying that there's no woman ugly. In spite of presenting the role of the ugly woman who smuggles grooms, the Egyptian audiences liked her.Moving forward in her career she got trapped in that role leading to decrease her roles on the TV and to be forgotten by film makers. She has become exemplary in ugliness. Her name is very familiar among guys criticizing an abhorrent girl or a woman wondering from another woman's ugliness. However she is a huge comedian bomb that didn't find a courage director to discover her and to be "Zeinat Sedky" neglected grand girl for the Egyptian cinema injustice.

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