The Artist: Creativity deserves a parallel amount of madness!

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  • 03:55 PM - 5 March 2012
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"The Artist" the first film in history to ever win an Oscar for a "thought". I believe that once this thought emerged in the mind of Michel Hazanavicius, he knew right away that it was a winning thought. Even before evolving it into the film we all saw, he believed he was about to make a great film. The first scene in the film gathers this main thought. The lead man is being tortured on an electric chair, screaming his head off but with no sound: expressing the birth of cinema. No sound effects, no long scripts, no dialogue, even the soundtrack is played in the hall. What is most fascinating about the 97 min. film is the fact that you only realize it’s a silent film at the very end, when the producer yells after the dance of the lead actors: "Great!". This is a result of the intelligent work of the filmmakers, the correct distribution of time during the events and the amazing music that spoke clearly and a lot when the actors were silent. The makers of this magical mute film have succeeded in reviving the ancient cinematic vision through cinematography and acting along side the camera movements, settings and costumes. Everything made up to perfection and in great care for detail that returned this glorious past time to our present. This year's Best Motion Picture award was between "The Artist" and "Hugo" were each celebrates different eras of cinema history. "The Artist" celebrates the silent era of Hollywood between 1894 and 1929 that created stars like "George Valentin" which was played in the film by French actor "Jean Dujardin". Then sound arrives in films between 1929 and 1932 which badly affected one of the stars of the silent cinema industry that forced him to stay at home without a job and broke! An inner dialogue between the lead actor with himself about the evolution of cinema and mourns the arrival of sound, this leads the viewer to sympathize with him instead of being impressed by this remarkable revolution! "The Artist" is a unique fun adventure, which makes you realize from the first moment that it will be marked by history. The thought is worth it, the effort deserves it and the filmmakers were mad enough to give this life a heartbeat which is fascinating and magical!

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