The Egyptian Ayoub 's myth, returns!

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  • 08:05 PM - 9 April 2012

Written by Ossam El Shazly(this article expresses the sole opinion of its author)How many times did you catch yourself calling out for patience just like Ayoub's? How many times did you get a pat on the back from someone telling you that patience is a remedy and ask if you'd compare your suffering to Ayoub's? Now, we know three stories for Ayoub. The familiar one in the Holly Quraan where Allah talks about his worshipper Ayoub whose patience and faith were tested when he loses his wealth, power, slaves, friends and finally his health. Ayoub is left alone, poor and defend less so he turned to Allah, not to complain but to seek mercy. So Allah removed the distress that was on him and gave him back his health and wealth.The second story is a folklore story that we heard on the Egyptian radio show from the 60's where the lead role is for "Naesa", Ayoub's wife. The Egyptian version revolves around the glorious life Ayoub lived before his disease. He had all kinds of wealth; beats, slaves, money, power, sheep and vast lands. His wife had beautiful sleepy eyes- as her names- and a gorgeous long hair that all women envied. The story reaches its dramatic peak with Ayoub's illness and the loss of his wealth, power and slaves but not his faith or patience; where his wife carries him on her back in search of treatment. When she runs out of money for treatment; she sells her hair to the women of her town. She gave up her personal wealth for her husband, who is cured by her love. The third story is one from our time. He is Ayoub of the Modern Age, actor Sayed Zayyan. Zayyan is a pioneer in comic theatre and the one of the unique vocal and dynamic performances. His voice when he sang was as beautiful as the Nile meeting its southern channels in Nuba. Seven years ago, and to everyone's sorrow, this great comedian fell with a brain stroke that paralyzed him completely. His spirit was banned from performing her love for acting and singing, and his feet were paused from walking down the stage. Our Ayoub never found his "Naesa" who would sell her hair to treat him. But we heard that his family fought over an inheritance of a dead-alive man! But because our Ayoub was always different, to an extent that the critics of the 80's and 90's rejected him; he amused his doctors when he stood on his feet again and rose from the dead. Laughter, in the time of the Arabian Spring, has regained one of his victims from the land of sorrow. Sayed Zayyan is back to life, happy and smiling, dreaming to step foot again on the stage he's been longing for. I quote "Salah Gahien" and change the last line:Ayoub, thrown by distress in all ills..Sick for seven years, paralyzed..Patience is a remedy. patience cured him..But he lived because of hope.

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