"El Mosafer" today in Talaat Harb Center

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  • 01:37 AM - 19 April 2012
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"Talaat Harb" Cultural Center, a subsidy of Cultural Development Fund, is organizing a symposium today at 6 P.M. in its headquarters in El Sayeda Nafisa where they will watch "El Mosafer" or "The traveler" film to discuss it. Director of the film Ahmed Maher and film critic Hany Mostafa will be in attendance. The symposium is led by Film Critic Mohamed Abdel Fattah.The film is starring Omar El-Sherif, Khaled El-Nabawy, Cerine Abdel Nour, Amr Waked, Basma and Dorra. The film is written and directed by Ahmed Maher, produced by Ministry of culture after a 40 year hiatus from films production.The movie shows 3 days in the life of Hassan, the main character, in different stages of his life and how he is affected by changes surrounding him. The film participated in many festivals; however, it didn't get good reviews.Ahmed Maher is currently preparing for his new film "B ay ard tamoot" or "Nobody knows where they would meed their end", to be supported by Ministry of Culture, starring Amr Waked alongside many foreign stars.

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