First look on Anthony Hopkins as "Hitchcock"

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  • 03:00 PM - 19 April 2012
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Anthony Hopkins is currently getting ready for his role as Alfred Hitchcock in the film discussing a part of his biography.The film focuses on the period when Hitchcock was making his film "Psycho" in 1960, considered by most his greatest achievements, showing the difficulties he had to go through from finding a producer, filming at the deserted hotel, to his relationship with his wife and cast.The film is directed by Sacha Gervasi for the first time in his career after working as a writer for Hollywood the last couple of years, with "The terminal" being his most notable work.Other stars featured in the film are Scarlett Johansson as the actress Janet Leigh, Academy award winner Helen Mirren as his wife, Jessica Biel as actress Vera Miles, Toni Collette as Hitchcock's assistant and James D'Arcy as actor Anthony Perkins.Fox productions has changed the name of the film from "Hitchcock and the making of Psycho" to just "Hitchcock", and released a picture of Hopkins in the Hitchcock character. The film is set to release 2013.

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