"Ala kaf afreet" on hold due to presidential elections

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  • 05:16 PM - 23 May 2012
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Filming for "Ala kaf afreet" has stopped for today and tomorrow, so that all stars would be able to vote in the presidential elections, to be continued the beginning of next week.Director Kamal Mansour agreed with the request of the crew for them to participate in this historic event.Almost 70 % of the series is finished, set to air next Ramadan, while the crew is expected to visit Marsa Alam mid June to continue filming the series.The series tells the story of Fadel Abou El-Roos, who is obsessed with money and business, and wanted to be a part of the business world, and not just on the outside looking in anymore. With his skills, Fadel sneaks gradually to this world, for us later to discover a lot about his character, history and even future.The series is written by Yehia Fekry, starring Khaled El-Sawy and Kanda Aloush, produced by Cannes productions.

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