"Skyfall" climbs up to the top of the US box office again!

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  • 09:39 PM - 11 December 2012
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Pushing down "The Twilight Saga: BreakingDawn – Part 2" to third place; the new James Bond film "Skyfall"climbs up to the top of the US Box Office this week with another 10.7 milliondollars to make its total gross 261.4 million in its fifth week in theaters.Worldwide; "Skyfall" made 918 million dollar to become the mostrewarding Sony film worldwide beating "Spider Man 3" that made 890million worldwide.

Theanimation "Rise of the Guardians" went up from third to second placewith 10.4 million to make its gross 61.7 million in its third week. The secondpart of the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn made 9.1 million this week and madeits total gross 268.6 million.

No changes on the fourth and fifth places with"Lincoln" in fourth with 8.9 million dollars this week and "Lifeof Pi" with 9.1 million this week and staying in fifth place.

New comer "Playing for Keeps" startsits journey in the box office in the sixth place with 5.7 million. The film isa comedy starring Gerard Butler, Dennis Quaid, Jessica Beil, Uma Thurman andCatherine Zeta-Jones.

The other animation film in the box office"Wreck-It-Ralph" goes down from sixth to seventh place with 4.7million where "Red Dawn" and "Flight" maintained theireighth and ninth places making 4.2 million and 3.1 million respectively.

A large setback for "Killing ThemSoftly" going down from seventh to tenth place with 2.8 million dollarsthis week to make its total gross 11.8 million in its second week in theaters.

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