Ashraf Abdel Baky: Current Events Prevented Me From Hosting a Show

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  • 07:38 AM - 19 September 2013
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Ashraf Abdel Baky announced that current events in Egypt prevented him from hosting a talk show this past Ramadan, and said that the situation has had not only an impact on channels or art but on all levels of society.

He also said he had been churning out a lot of ideas for a program last Ramadan, but they never reached the point of execution. He was waiting for the state of emergency and the curfew to end to return again to brainstorming ideas for a new show or starring on a show.

He followed these tidbits by saying that in the period following Ramadan, artists are intent on taking vacations, following grueling work schedules for their various Ramadan shows, which makes it difficult to make plans to shoot new projects.

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