Tom Hanks Reveals the Reason Behind Smoking Ban While Playing Walt Disney

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  • 04:10 PM - 23 December 2013
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Tom Hanks revealed that he was prevented from smoking in any of his scenes in Saving Mr. Banks, while playing the role of Walt Disney, in the film which follows the relationship between author P.L Travers and the legendary producer. The rule came to prevent the film from getting an “R” rating by the MPAA.

Hanks added that the decision was difficult, specially because Disney was himself a heavy smoker who used to consume over three packs a day, and died of lung cancer.

“People who knew Walt say that you could always hear him coming down the hall, because you'd hear him coughing from smoking all those cigarettes," Hanks said.

Tom Hanks shares the film's lead with Emma Thompson and Colin Farrell. The film was released in American theaters in the 20th of December.

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