Watch: Ashraf Abdel Baky About “Teatro Masr”: We present “clean” comedy without sexual content

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  • 11:53 AM - 26 December 2013
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sat down with actor Ashraf Abdel Baky in an interview in which he talked about his newest project : “Teatro Masr” (Egypt's Theater), through which he will realize several plays on Masr University's theater in 6th of October city.

Abdel Baky said that he hope to attract audience to theater with his new project, after the last few years indicated a general disinterest in theater from the public. He added that he will be presenting the audience with what he called “clean” comedy, that does not use sexual phrases or gestures and will be suitable for all family members and age ranges, pointing out that comedy that extensively uses rated language and sexual jokes is done “the easy way,” a style that he plans avoiding.

's crew also met with several young actors who will be participating in Teatro's shows, and made interviews with Sameh Hussein and Imaan Ayyoub.

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