Boshra Denies Withdrawal from “Masr Elbeit Elkebeer”

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  • 04:37 PM - 22 January 2014
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Boshra confirmed that she hasn't withdrawn from the TV show “Masr Elbeit Elkebeer” (Egypt, The Big House) as recently-spread rumors stated, and she attributed the rumors to a misunderstanding between her and the show's producing company.

“I recently met with the producing company of the show, which I really respect, and after a discussion it turned out that there was an unintentional misunderstanding, and we put a plan for the production of the coming episodes,” Boshra said.

She added: “Since my first appearance in the show I received a lot of positive feedback from my friends and fans, as the show managed to create its own place and success among the most viewed talk shows, and it created a fan base in a very little time period, specially that it offers different content from its peers and aims to reunite Arabs and Egyptians and give them hope.”

Boshra hosts the show along with Ashraf Abdel Baky, Heba El Abassiry and former parliament member Shahinaz Elnaggar.

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