Chris Pine Gets Driving Ban for Drunk Driving

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  • 08:57 PM - 17 March 2014
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Star Trek star Chris Pine received a six-month driving ban and a fine after pleading guilty to a drink driving charge in Ashburton, New Zealand on Monday.

An officer stopped Pine after 3am while he was celebrating the end of shooting on his latest film Z For Zachariah alongside Margot Robbie and Chiwetel Ejiofor. A breath test came back positive with 113 micrograms of alcohol, 33 micrograms over the legal limit in New Zealand.

Pine admitted to drinking four vodkas in Ashburton District Court, but his lawyer argued that a conviction would damage the actor's career.

The judge at Ashburton District Court said he accepted Pine was remorseful, noting he pleaded guilty at the earliest opportunity and had complied with police, and handed him down a NZ$93 fine in addition to the driving ban.

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