Eyad Nassar to Substitute Hany Salama in “Jews' Alley”

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  • 11:26 PM - 16 September 2014
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Producer Gamal El Adl has contracted Jordanian star Eyad Nassar to lead his upcoming production “Haret El Yahud” (Jews' Alley), a television series written by Medhat El Adl, that was postponed from last year. Hany Salama was principally supposed to pay the lead role, but he recently dropped the project.

Medhat El Adl is currently working on the last episodes of the series, which depicts the life of Egyptian Jews, and their then prosperous commercial activities, through a span of three years from 1953 to 1956.

Nassar, although a prominent figure in the heated annual Ramadan season, was absent from television last summer. His latest appearance was in director Mohamed Yassin's highly successful series “ Moga Hara” (Heat Wave), which aired during Ramadan of 2013.

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