Watch: First Trailer for “El Nabatshy”

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  • 10:58 PM - 23 September 2014
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New Century have released the first trailer for their upcoming production “ El Nabatshy” (The Master of Ceremonies), which will be released during the first few days of October.

The nearly two-minutes-trailer, contains scenes that tell the story of the film's central character, a master of ceremonies played by Mahmoud Abdel Moghny, who has developed his own unique and extravagant style in presenting Shaabi music stars in weddings, before taking a fleeting chance that he thinks would change his life to the better, but he is eventually struck by a series of unfortunate situations that lead him to re-consider his views on the meaning of success.

The film is the second collaboration between director Ismail Farouk and screenwriter Mohamed Samir Mabrouk after the film “ El Qashash” (The Sweeper), which was released last year to success at the box office. El Nabatshy stars Mai Kassab, Hala Sedqy, Edward, Inas Kamel and Heba Abdel Ghany.

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