"Chess" Renewed Upon Request From Channels

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  • 11:04 PM - 15 June 2015
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The television series " Chess" has been receiving increasing attention since it started airing last May, until it stopped at its 50th episode, giving way to numerous other shows that will start airing by the beginning of the lunar month of Ramadan.

However, this didn't stop the channels airing "Shatarang" (Chess) from requesting it be renewed for a new season, which led to a meeting in which Mohamed Fawzy, the project's producer and Hossam Moussa, its writer, discussed the idea and new potential storylines. In addition, Moussa will add some amendments to the last ten episodes of the current season.

Shatarang stars Wafaa Amer, Nidal El Shafei, Mays Hamdan, Hazem Samir and Ayman Azab, and is directed by Mohamed Hamdy.

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