Photos: Amira Nayef Spends her Honeymoon in the North Coast in Egypt

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  • 04:06 PM - 17 August 2015
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The actress Amira Nayef, got married to Mahmoud El beheiry, the son of the famous cardiologist Ahmed El Beheiry. She now spends her honeymoon at the north coast in Egypt.

This is Amira's second marriage; she had her first divorce in 2011 and she has two sons. A love story, united the hearts of Amira and her new husband Mahmoud. Amira will resume shooting her role in the soap opera "Shatarang" (Chess), directed by Mohamed Hamdy, written by Hossam Moussa, starring Waffa Amer, Nedal el Shafiy, Mayse Hemdan, Hazem Samir, Reem el Baroudy and Yasmine Sabry.

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