Assal Aswad (Black Honey)

Ahmed Helmy’s latest film discusses the negative aspects of Egyptian society as presented through the point of view of an Egyptian who had emigrated more than twenty years prior. The screenplay of the movies was written by Khaled Diab. Throughout the screenplay, Diab has endeavored to “dissect” Egyptian society in such a way so as to present all of its shortcomings without analyzing them or detailing the direct reasons behind their existence. This has led the screenplay to acquire a rather superficial tone. Khaled Al Mara’y has excelled in his role as director and has provided the production with several poignant scenes. Helmy has also performed admirably in his role as the returning emigrant. Nonetheless, Helmy’s portrayal was compromised by the fact that he did not speak with an American accent despite the fact that his character had supposedly spent the last twenty years living in the United States. Edward’s role as Sa’id was one of the best in his career thus far. Moreover, In’am Salousa was also extremely successful in her portrayal of the passionate Egyptian mother. Amy Samir Ghanem also proved herself as an upcoming comedy actress. Despite the fact that the production is critical of Egyptian society, it has nonetheless received praise from audiences. Critics were more divided in their opinion with some supporting and others opposing the movie’s central theme. Nonetheless, critics have been unanimous in their belief that the film is of a high caliber. Ussama El Shazly, who works at, has described the film as Helmy’s first attempt to discuss themes relevant to his homeland whereas A’bd Al Shakour has described as a transition in Helmy’s career in cinema.

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