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Peter Rabbit

    • MPAA
    • PG
The story is taken from Beatrix Potter’s story of a rabbit trying to sneak into a farm full of vegetables.

    • MPAA
    • R
Months after no-one is found guilty in her daughter’s murder, Mildred Hayes bravely paints three mysterious signs that lead to the chief of police in her town. His second-in-command Officer Dixon eventually gets involved, which only leads to a bigger problem between Mildred and Ebbing’s law...Read more enforcement.



    • MPAA
    • R
Katie, a mysterious young woman, is moving with her daughter to escape her past, when she meets Angela Morgan, a mother of one single child who dreams of having a bigger family, yet she has problems with her husband Brian, who eventually invites Katie to move in with them to be their son’s nanny.

In Syria

The Lodgers

Animal Crackers

A family has to stop the villain uncle Horatio P. Huntington, from taking away their circus. To fight him, they use magical crackers.

Ready Player One

    • MPAA
    • PG-13
In the near future, Wade Watts, an outcast young man tries to escape his daily horror by joining an online game called Oasis. When the game’s billionaire founder dies, his fortune is offered to the players as a prize for achieving a certain level in the game. Five years after joining the game, Watts...Read more finds himself facing off against corporate foes in both real life and in the game.