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  • سينما ريو

  • Rio Cinema

The theater contains two open-air cinemas, and a closed cinema. Film selections are prioritized according to tickets reservation.

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Wednesday 21 March

  • Khalawees

  • 7.4
      • Egypt
      • All Ages
  • Aly Hassan, a five-year old child, gets arrested while playing a hide-and-seek game called Khalawees with his neighbours. His father, Hassan (played by Ahmed Eid), who is a taxi driver in Cairo...Read more hurries to join his son who is about to be imprisoned in a name mix-up with another wanted escaped criminal. Hassan faces humorous situations in prison due to the presence of his son, Aly, and is torn between his female attorney trying to prove Aly's innocence and a talk-show media presenter convincing the public that Aly is the wanted criminal.

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Wednesday 21 March

  • 12:00 midnight: 20 ج.م
  • 10:00 am: 20 ج.م
  • 01:00 pm: 20 ج.م
  • 03:00 pm: 20 ج.م
  • 06:00 pm: 20 ج.م
  • 09:00 pm: 20 ج.م