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In case of more than one film per screen, screening will be according to the number of tickets.

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Saturday 20 October

  • 7.3
      • Egypt
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  • After a clash between a group of demonstrators and the security forces, one of the bodies of this clash is returned to the morgue with seven other bodies. The forensic doctor, Yassin Al-Manstarli,...Read more writes his medical report after examining the body and states that the victim was shot at close range, unlike the other bodies and the problems begins when this medical report leaks to the media.

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Saturday 20 October

    11:30 am 40 EGP
    02:00 pm 40 EGP
    04:30 pm 40 EGP
    07:00 pm 40 EGP
    09:30 pm 40 EGP
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