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MX4D® is the newest evolution in the cinema experience, placing you in a totally immersive environment, where built-in motion simulators in your seat and special effects all around you in the theatre will trigger in sync with the movie action on the screen, allowing you to “feel” the movie and not only watch it!

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Saturday 20 October

  • Venom

  • 8.2
      • Egypt
      • +16
      • MPAA
      • PG-13
  • Eddie Brock / Venom (Tom Hardy) is one of the most mysterious and complex characters of Marvel, and he is also Spider-Man's arch enemy. Eddie was an ordinary person, until a space creature took over...Read more him and gave him unprecedented superpowers. Ever since then, his life has changed and he has become one indivisible entity with Venom

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Saturday 20 October

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