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Thursday 26 April

  • Avengers: Infinity War

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      • Egypt
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      • PG-13
  • The Avengers and their allies continue to protect the world from the threats that cannot be dealt with alone. Thanos, a new tyrant from the cosmic shadows, spreads wrongdoing between galaxies; and his...Read more goal is to collect the six infinite stones to reach an unlimited force.

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Thursday 26 April

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  • 3D 12:45 midnight: 75 ج.م
  • 3D 01:15 pm: 40 ج.م
  • 3D 04:00 pm: 75 ج.م
  • 3D 10:00 pm: 75 ج.م

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  • Havin, the young wife of Kurdish shepherd Zagros, is being accused of adultery. She flees with their daughter Rayhan from Kurdistan to Brussels. Zagros is convinced of her innocence, leaves his family...Read more to start a new life, only to be plagued by doubts once he is there.

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Thursday 26 April


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