Title Content: Movie - اتفرج ياسلام - 2001


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Maged, Hisham and Medhat are three friends. They are college graduates and all of them are unemployed. Medhat succeeds in finding work at a (tourist resort) in Sinai while Maged fails to (get together) with his neighbor and sweetheart Sabreen. He resorts to his friend Medhat and asks him to help him find work at the (tourist resort) where he is employed. Maged saves the life of an elderly American tourist and this event helps him find work alongside Medhat. However, (an incident occurs) where he flirts with Nesreen, the daughter of the (tourist resort’s) owner. He is subsequently fired from his new job. Upon her return to her country, the elderly American tourist dies and it is revealed that (her faith was Jewish). (Her will stipulates that Maged should receive a third of (?) which is valued at 155 million dollars.) However a condition is placed specifying that Maged must agree to (supervise an attempt to intercede on behalf of Israeli interests.) Despite his poverty and the pressures imposed on him by the (resort’s) owner and his daughter, Maged rejects the arrangement so that Israel does not benefit.