Review: Alzheimer - Movie - 2010

Alzheimer’s Scenario Lacks Depth

No matter how beautiful the finishing on a house may be, if it is built on poor foundations, all your efforts have been wasted, and your house will fall flat. Unfortunately, such was the case for the directors of “Alzheimer’s” who built their film on a shallow, weak, naïve screenplay, wasting the efforts of the all star cast. Nader Salah Eldin butchers the films screenplay by taking what could have been a great plot and neglecting to put any effort into the writing, making the characters so...Read more dimensionless that the audience is left feeling nothing. The story itself revolves around a man whose adult children trick him into believing he has Alzheimer’s in order to declare him legally incompetent in court so they can claim his money to pay off their own debts. There is very little character development that leads up to the emotional investment of the audience into the story, making it bland. Adel Imam portrays one of his most deeply humanistic characters ever in the first ½ of the film, and then is forced into a much shallower role, avoiding any deep insights thanks to the shallowness of the script. Fathy Abdel Wahab is just “ok” in this movie, and Ahmed Rizk is also rather dimensionless. Nelly Karim barely leaves an impression at all throughout the film. I give this movie 5 out of 10, only for the presence of the legendary actor Adel Imam.