Add/Update Information: Series - Sabr Al Azoub - 2019

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    Title صبر العذوب
    Title in English The Virtue of Patience
    Title's Translation Sabr Al Azoub
    Original Title
    Release Year 2019
    Runtime 45
    Category Series
    Status Released
    Is this a coloured title? Yes
    Egyptian Censorship
    MPAA Censorship
    ميزانية الفيلم 0
    Trailer (Sabr Elazoub) Series Teaser #1
    Release Date
    6 May 2019 Jordan true
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    Section Writer

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    1) Sarah Sewar El Dhab

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    1) Mohammed Elwan 1
    2) Hamzeh Al-Taji 2

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    Section Editor

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    Section Producer

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    1) عصام حجاوي

    Section Distributor

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    Section Costume Designer

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    Section Makeup Artist

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    Section Photographer

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    Roaa Kashef A woman gets kidnapped on her wedding day by someone who has heard about her beauty from far away.


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    1 30 35 Sabr found out Masarra kidnapped his son, so he located her,...Read more got him back, and scolded her for doing this to an infant. Nawfal proposed to Nora. Later, Sabr became the head of the tribe, and got back with Alazoub.
    1 29 35 Sabr rescues Alazoub, and Zunod flees the neighborhood; the...Read more whole tribe moves to Sheikh Mazyad’s neighborhood. Zunod was following Wakkad, and tried to kill him, but Aldabb killed them both. Masarra got back at Alazoub by abducting her baby when she gave birth.
    1 28 35 Alazoub & Saqr move out after Sabr finds their location,...Read more but Wakkad abducts them and takes them to Zunod. When Zunod poked out Wakkad’s eye, he wanted to get even; he collaborated with Aldabb & Sabr to take revenge from Zunod, who decided to care for Alazoub after learning she’s pregnant, so he’d lure Sabr with her.
    1 27 35 Saqr forces Alazoub to move with him to his aunt’s...Read more neighborhood, and Nawfal updates Sabr, who later went to Mazyad to help him return Alazoub, and tells him she’s pregnant. So, Mazyad sent his son to bring back Alazoub to her husband; Saqr then learns that Sabr’s still alive.
    1 26 35 Saqr shoots at Sabr, and takes Alazoub to the tribe. Nawfal...Read more saves Sabr from death, and tells him it was Saqr who shot at him, he seeks to rescue Alazoub. Meanwhile Saqr tells Alazoub to hide her pregnancy until he marries her, thinking he finished off Sabr.
    1 25 35 Sabr reached Alazoub and released her, and got married....Read more Zunod finds out that Dahan & Rashida are the ones who announced that Saqr’s Mashari’s son to make him lose the tribe’s leadership. The elders gather to decide who heads the tribe. Saqr’s mother tells him to avenge his father, Mashari, while he finds the whereabouts of Sabr & Alazoub.
    1 24 35 Sabr learns that Alazoub was captured, so he plans to rescue...Read more her, while Zunod tells Masarra that he’ll marry her to infuriate Sabr, who sends word to Zunod that he’s back, and he’s coming to rescue the tribe’s women. Zunod goes after him, but Sabr’s one step ahead.
    1 23 35 Sabr steals Zunod’s loot, which makes Zunod want to get back...Read more at him. Sheikh Mazyad tells Zunod to take the women from Nawaf’s tribe to their territory. Meanwhile, Zunod learns that Alazoub likes Sabr, so he locks her up to lure Sabr in and catch him.
    1 22 36 Zunod & Massara get married, and Sabr asks her to treat...Read more Al-Azoub decently, but Zunod sees him and wants to kill him, but he flees. Nafela tries to escape after she delivered her baby, but Zunod captures her back.
    1 21 35 Saqr’s saddened after he learned the truth, and leaves the...Read more tribe; someone shoots at him, and holds him captive. Zunod raids Nawaf’s tribe. Massara asks Nawaf to give her Al-Azoub to be her maid. Zunod tells Massara to get ready for marriage.
    1 20 35 Sabr fress Saqr, and when he’s back someone tells him that...Read more he’s the son of Mashari not Nawaf’s, and his mother confirms this information, as she was forced to marry Mashari, and divorced, only to find out she’s pregnant shortly after the divorce; she then married Nawaf who loved Saqr like a son - Bodour learns about this, too.
    1 19 35 Sabr shoots Wakkad but misses him. Al-Dabb leaves the tribe...Read more because of his arguments with Zunod. Saqr’s captured by Al-Dabb, and asks his family for a large ransom, but Sabr tries to free him. Farhan wants Bodour to tell him info about the tribe. Warfa agrees to marry Al-Nashma.
    1 18 35 Saqr tells Warfa that Al-Nashma wants to marry her, but she...Read more refuses. Rashida fails to kill Massara. Sabr confesses to Al-Azoub that it was his uncle who forced him to kidnapp her, but she doesn’t forgive him. Al-Dabb and Wakkad plot to kill Zunod.
    1 17 35 Wakkad kills Masrour. Al-Azoub’s mother falls ill after...Read more learning what Sabr did. Zunod attacks Nawaf’s tribe, kills him and kidnaps Massara, and she asks him to destroy Nawaf’s tribe. Saqr learns the truth about Sabr, and that Nafela knew Al-Azoub was alive, and he wants revenge.
    1 16 35 Sabr asks Nawaf for Al-Azoub’s hand. Zunod wants to kill...Read more Masrour before he declares the truth. Warfa’s saddened by Sabr wanting to mary Al-Azoub because she liked him. Massara tells Al-Azoubf that it was Sabr who kidnapped her for Mashari before.
    1 15 35 Saqr’s jealous of Sabr for his closeness to Al-Azoub, and...Read more fights with him. They all gather at Mazeed to choose who heads Mashari’s tribe, and Zunod accuses Sabr of killing Mashari. They end up choosing Zunod as the leader.
    1 14 35 Zunod learns that Sabr’s still alive, and the head bandit...Read more steals all the loot when Zunod denied him his share. Sabr fails to kill Zunod, and he thinks that Sabr stole the loot. Zunod sends Wakkad to kidnap Al-Azoub to force Sabr to return the loot, but Sabr saves her. He confides to Nawfal that he likes her, and fears the tribe knows he kidnapped her before.
    1 13 35 Sabr kidnaps Sorour to testify before the judge that he...Read more didn’t kill Kheilan. Abu Rammah learns that Zunod plans to kill Sabr, which he almost succeeds in when he shot him during a raid over Nawaf’s tribe, but Sabr survives. Abu Rammah returns after recovery and tells Sabr the truth; Sabr wants revenge.
    1 12 35 Nafela tells Saqr she’s pregnant. Zunod sends Wakkad to kill...Read more Sabr, but he sees Al-Azoub and hits on her, but she slaps him, and Saqr tells her that he’ll make him pay for it. Abu Sayah sees Zunod to give him Wakkad, but he’s sent him for the road bandits to pay them to kill Sabr
    1 11 35 Zunod wants to attack Mazeed’s tribe after learning Sabr...Read more joined them. Sabr tells Mazeed about Zunod killing his uncle, and that Al-Azoub witnessed it. Nafela’s jealous of her sister, as Saqr’s caring for her too much.
    1 10 35 Saqr mistakes Sabr and his people for road bandits and...Read more captivates them, but Al-Azoub tells Sheikh Nawaf how Sabr helped and protected her, so they let him go. Massara and Mashari’s sister flee Zunod’s ill treatment and go to Nawaf’s tribe. Saqr tells Al-Azoub that he’ll divorce her sister, to marry her, but she disapproves.
    1 9 35 Al-Azoub reproaches Saqr for marrying her sister, and her...Read more mother asks fer to let it go. Zunod mistreats Mashari’s family. Abu Sayah tells Sabr what Zunod’s doing to the tribe, and asks him to reveal the truth about Zunod. Sabr’s mother dies, and he devastated.
    1 8 35 The tribe makes Zunod their leader, but Abu Rammah doesn’t...Read more approve, and wants Sabr to be the leader. He finds Al-Azoub and returns her to her tribe. Upon her return, her mother tells her that Nafela, her sister, Married Saqr.
    1 7 35 Saqr searches for Al-Azoub at Mashari’s tribe who kidnapped...Read more her, and they stopped her from calling on him. Mashari refused Zunod’s proposal, so he left the tribe. Mashari confines his sister for helping Al-Azoub to escape. Saqr marries Al-Azoub’s sister, while she escaped when Mashari tried to attack her. Zunod tries to kill Mashari.
    1 6 35 Al-Azoub tries to escape with the help of Sheikh Mashari’s...Read more wife. He finds out and attacks his wife, but she turns out to be Zunod. Mashari tells al-Azoub that he is going to marry her soon.
    1 5 35 Al-Azoub tries to escape but fails. Saqr’s mother wants him...Read more to marry Nafile, al-Azoub’s sister. Masrour wants to work with Zunod the mugger, and when Sheikh Mashari knew, he put him in jail.
    1 4 35 Mashari tells al-Azoub that he is going to marry her but she...Read more refuses. She loses hope when she knows that her family thinks she is dead. Someone tells al-Azoub’s sister that Mashari kidnapped her but she doesn’t tell anyone because she is jealous of her. Mashari asks Zunod to kill Sabr, he agrees in exchange of marrying Massara, his daughter. Sabr finds his mother while al-Azoub tries to escape.
    1 3 35 A group of Sheikh Tarshuq's clans attack al-Azoub's...Read more family. Al-Azoub's sister tells Saqr that al-Azoub was killed but he doesn't believe her.
    1 2 35 Al-Azoub's family is trying to look for her, but they...Read more assume that she died after they food her clothes with blood all over them. Sheikh Tarshuq locks Saber up but his family find and free him, and he wants to free al-Azoub as well.
    1 1 34 Al-Azzoub is kidnapped by Sabr who made a deal with the...Read more sheikh who kidnapped his mother to kidnap al-Azoub on her wedding day to set his mother free. Her fiance tries to rescue her but gets shot.